Most organizations know their business - plumbing supplies, engineering or whatever forms the focus of their knowledge base. They find a niche and, through perserverance, determination and some trial and error, they begin to grow. 

Until one day, they stop growing and have no idea why . . .

The common denominator? In those early days, rarely is there a well thought out strategic plan, something that provides a focus for the company and helps to account for the resources required. Eventually, most companies "hit the wall" and begin to compete against companies that are a purposeful organization, know where they are going, why they are headed there and what steps it will take to reach that goal. Most small to mid sized firms do not have the skills internally to lead them through this process. They become trapped in their day-to-day cycle.

Rent These Skills & Experience

Since 1981, Rick Mervine has been working with small to mid sized companies helping them understand how to think strategically, develop a strategic plan and integrate it into their business process. Unlock these skills within your company or not-for-profit organization today.  Bring this large company capability to your comapny for less than you lose in failed sales and marketing initiatives during the year.  Call today to discuss what you need to do to help your company grow.

Government Technology Consulting

Municipalities faced with growing technology needs and without a strategy to address them now have options.  Let StrategyMentor help you set your path to a fiber optic network that will enhance your community and provide you with the scalable options you and your residents need.  Take control of your technology costs but first know the right questions to ask and where to find the answers.

Protect the investment you have made and help it grow purposefully!