Our Company

Started in 1981, our initial focus led us to work with firms struggling to survive - those at the brink or over the edge into business bankruptcy. - to help them regain their marketing ability.  Most had little to regain and no understanding where they were headed or why they wanted to go there.

As a former marketing executive for top 500 firms, Rick knew companies could not grow without a strong, well - thought out strategic plan.  He began working with small to mid sized companies to give them access these skills and put them to use on a smaller scale.  Smaller, yes, but no less important to their growth and profitability.

Today, our focus remains on small to mid sized firms working with both business and not-for-profit organizations and governemtn looking to implement technology for the benefit of the community.  Shifting to essentially healthy firms since about 1988 that have found their growth stalled, Rick has been successful transforming organizations. These firms now understand their business better and know what products and markets to focus their resources, both human and financial.

This unique service has established our place in this industry and allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.  Put us to work for you today.


Rick Mervine